How I got here

June 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Contented SeniorBeing new at blogging, I just dived right in and started writing. I really know better than that having authored a couple of books and several articles during my life. What I should have known better is that I really needed more of a plan to correctly lay out what I wanted to do and say and how I would go about doing it.

But I didn’t, so now I need to go back and fill it some holes and patch a few things up.

It seems clear that I should have begun with a post to explain the reasons for creating the blog in the first place. So I’ll attempt to do that in this post and in the next one.

It started with my getting an urge to write. I’ve done quite a bit of writing in my life but it’s been about seven years since I’ve published my last book and the desire to write again has been building for quite a while.

I didn’t want to write a book and I wasn’t interested in doing academic articles anymore, those days are long gone.

What had been on my mind for quite a while was a feeling that I wanted to say something about things I’ve learned over the years. Well, maybe not so much “things” as where my thinking about life brought me over the 73 years I’ve been bumming around in this life.

Eventually I thought a blog, with it’s relatively short entries and with its unfolding over time might be a good vehicle for getting these thoughts out. The odds are pretty certain that very few people are going to read this – given that there are literally millions of blogs out there. I’d be less than truthful were I to say that it made no difference to me whether anyone read this or not. Of course I hope some people will read it.

But I do believe that it is more important for me just to get these thoughts out, to try and solidify my thinking as I get closer to the end of life.

So in my next post, I’ll explain the ideas I considered before settling on Senior Contentment and why I rejected the others and decided to go the Senior Contentment route.


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