How I got here (2)

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

So after I decided that I would write I first focused on the things that upset me about the world. In fact, I even created a blog and wrote two entries. The blog’s name was The New Social Misanthrope. The idea was that it would spotlight the things going on in the world – especially in American society and politics – that were so very wrong and that drove me to despair. These included things such as hypocrisy, corruption, cruelty, crime, and abuse in all its horrible manifestations.

Of course this was a very depressing blog. Concentrating so much on the negative aspects of our lives was not fun for me, obviously. In addition, no one would get anything out of this blog that he or she wasn’t already aware of. And, perhaps the most important reason I decided against it was because it didn’t help anyone, that is, no one would profit in any way from reading what I was writing.

So that led me to think about what I might write about that would be much more positive and even perhaps help someone else in his or her thinking. In the course of thinking about what in my life might be worthwhile writing about, I happened to think about the fact that in the last years I’ve often felt a certain sense of contentment that hadn’t always been part of my life. Then I started thinking about how that feeling manifests itself and, most important, why it does.

That in turn led to more thinking about specifics and how, over the course of the years, I’ve changed in my attitudes and behavior. At that point I decided that I’d like to look at all of this in more detail and more carefully. Finally I thought that some people might even find reading about this subject interesting. That’s how I got to the Senior Contentment blog.

My next post will be the second about anger. Hope to see you there.


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