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July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mugs help contentment

A couple of my favorite mugs.

One thing that adds to my sense of contentment on a daily basis is having things around me that make me feel good, things that I enjoy seeing, touching or using.

For example, because I’m a big coffee drinker – probably about 6 cups a day on average – I spend a lot of time holding coffee mugs, having them on my desk or at my side on a table, and, of course, raising them to my mouth and touching them with my lips.

I’ve found that having a mug that I find attractive to look at and that has a good feel about it, enhances both the taste of the coffee (just my imagination, I’m sure) and the whole ritual of drinking it.

Because from time to time I’ve played around with throwing clay and making pottery, I’ve learned that there’s more to a mug than just the way the decoration looks. The mouth should be wide enough (3.5″ is about just right for me), and the rim lip quite thin. The handle should be large enough to accommodate your fingers without cramping them up, and if the top of the curve of the handle has a little flat space for you to rest your thumb on you can leverage the mug more easily. (By the way, I never succeeded in producing a mug that I really felt good enough about to use regularly.)

Mugs are regularly available in sizes that hold from 12 oz. to 20 oz. Some people who drink a lot of coffee the way I do prefer large mugs so they don’t have to refill them too often. I, however, find that I’d rather fill them more often and avoid having the coffee cool off before I’m finished.

Well, this wasn’t meant to be a discourse on coffee drinking but instead a few words about how everyday objects can help us maintain our sense of contentment because we’re aware of them, we don’t let them become boring. They help us to be happy in our surroundings and contribute to our sense of well-being while we’re going about our quotidian tasks.

So this was just about a simple coffee mug. Now, multiply the number of objects you interact with one way or another in the course of your everyday lives. I’m suggesting that to the extent you can take pleasure and enjoyment in these many things, your life in general will seem more pleasant and your sense of happiness and satisfaction will be increased.


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